About The Toucanet Lodge

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About The Toucanet Lodge

25 years ago he had a dream, the dream of sharing the Copey de Dota forest, its birds, its fruit trees, its food, the fruit of the earth, its simplicity ..... its peace. The dream of being able to give other people the opportunity to experience what is our home for us and what we live day to day.

That dream led us to create El Toucanet Lodge, a small family business that is located in the heart of the Los Santos Forest Reserve, just two hours from San José, in which the visitor will have the opportunity to relax surrounded by the enigmatic cloud forest. , which is the home of the majestic Quetzal, sacred bird of the Mayans. As well as having the opportunity to live the experience of tasting one of the best coffees in the world. We are back and today our dream is still intact.

About Copey Valley

At almost 2000 meters above sea level and surrounded by the mountains of the Los Santos Forest Reserve, Los Quetzales National Park and the Cerro Vueltas Biological Reserve is the picturesque Valley of Copey de Dota, a small community of a little more than 800 inhabitants who base their economy on the production of high altitude fruit trees, the production of cheeses, as well as the harvest of one of the best coffees in the world. Activities that more recently have been complemented with ecotourism.

Copey, named for the abundance of this shrub, which bears the scientific name "Clusia rosea", is home to more than 200 species of birds, the most attractive of which is the Quetzal. It complements this attraction with an atmosphere of tranquility in the one that the visitor can disconnect from the routine to spend a time of rest and recovery that is memorable.